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Friday, March 14, 2008

Islam-iya Aaj Tak...! --- Discussions of Islam in the International Forum ....

Since the 9/11 and the subsequent military devastations of Afghanistan and Iraq... the Muslim scholars have had more importance and significance as they are responsible for the provision of intellectual discussion about Islam .. in all arenas :

theology, history , current society, and political revelance.... to both the Muslim community , and the International community .

In my observations of the world ... I have found some scholars much more competent in representing the elements of Islam than others...

Here I will discuss those who have appealed to me most

1) Dr. Zakir Naik - Indian Muslim Scholar :

Zakir is by far the person who has informed me the most about the finite definate points of islam that I did not know before hand.
His background as medical doctor and his highly structured and scientific method of representing Islam was very appealing. He has been doing " dawah" for more than 10 years all over the world while holding discussion forums aimed at informing people just like me... curious , speculative non muslims.

Like most Muslim scholars he has studied the Christian and Jewish religion texts and history meticulously.. but unlike most most muslim scholars, he has thoroughly studied Hindu Indian tradition in both history and religion texts..

The Hindu relgion texts, the longest amount of texts of any established religion, are the source of the most amount of debate within any religion. None of the the alleged Hindu scholars of the recent age have clearly transalted the meanings and significance of these texts to the objective scholastic academy of religion in either india or abroad..
Meaning, that those academians who challenge the background or credibility of the Hindu texts were not given concrete or even remotely viable answers about its content. All that was offered by the Hindu voice was an answer in the form an abstract poem..... whihc although rich in virue did not answer the questions that initiated the reply..>?

With this said, Zakir Naik.. who is first qualied in the Islam Qoran.... memorizing every line and attempting to know the signicance of each line... has gone to extreme extent of doing so with the Hindu scriptures and challenging those who represent it.. the Hindu Priest.. to represent and explain its core meaning...

Zakir Naik is the only public figure.. who I have found even remotely competent in honestly and directly explain the convoluted meanings of the Hindu scriptures.

I feel inclined to give him more acclaim for his understanding of Hindu scriptures... then his over the Islamic Qoran... since the Hindu Scriptures have less public attention to translation for the masses.

2) Israr Ahmed - Indian Muslim Scholar

3) Muaammar Gaddafi - president of Libya

4) Ahmed Deedat- Indian Muslim scholar from Africa

5) Brother Imran- Indian - founder of IREC

First Dalit CEO in Indian IT business

I found this on you tube and was surprised to read.. that

" Thirty-one-year old Atul Paswan has successfully changed what many may have said was his destiny. A Dalit from Siwan district in Bihar three years ago, the village schoolteacher's son set up a software company in Bangalore "

I was surprised because... I thought that in this age of education... and university opportunities .. and caste quotas... that an ambitious Dalit would have reached this point atleast at some time in 1990s.

Since the government of Indian doesnt publish or reveal any statistics about "caste" demograpgics in different sectors of the economy... speculative people like myself dont know the presence of each caste in any sector..

I have to assume that Brahmin and "Upper Caste" have the higher presence in all power positions ....especially those positions of definative bougeoise foundation..

Is there even a single "low caste" persona of note who is part of the indian IT boom...?

I collect data like this.. and even I dont know...?

So this you tube video... was quite alarming and informative for me.

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Sight of the Hour
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