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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Golden Girls...?

Over the last 10 plus years in American pop culture and media.... there has been increasingly more " african american" faces...among both sexes...

Many of those personalities that represent american culture to the rest of the world are now african american...

These names include the likes of .... Beyonce , Halle Berry, Mariah Carey.

Whether in films, music, or television.. for a girl to become a banner name... it is "sex appeal" alone that makes this possible.

The token position for black person in the pop culture that was readily available in the 1980s and down ... has now in the 2ks extended countless number...

Infact the number is so high now.. that it would be wrong to call the place for blacks in pop culture as a token...

Infact , both the domestic and international market for american pop has a stong demand for " african american appeal"

For girls in the limelight.. appeal invariably must mean...what is referred to as " sex appeal" .... ( an apparently legitimate term that the syntax and semantic meaning of )

So African American girls are now a definative part of american pop culture... no longer hoping for a token spot in the business.. the Blakc starlets have aims of taking the top spots in the whole buisness to the point that the

But if you look closely at the types I mentioned above ... (mariah, halle berry , adn beyonce.).. despite being classified as african american.... you ponder the question of whether they are infact african component of their african american status...

Meaning when u look at these poster girls... does africa really come to mind?

And who is it that they really represent ?

The 15% of impoverished Black people in America..

All of the 3 imentioned.. ( and all the others i didnt mention ye t) take a funny path to fame and fortune..

First they have to impress the black audience ... to enter the stage of showbiz..

then from... there..

the have to win the majority white audience to have the superstardom they all enjoy today...

The critical trait for a potential starlet is not being either african/black or american/white... but something distincly in between....

This something is blacker than white people... to make themselves mysterious and intriguing on sight to white people... and whiter than black people.

This means that.. that starlot must be a physically interacial.. with clearly unafrican impress the tastes the black man..


also having a body type and color that a white girl coudnt have...
the "athletic" and "rounded" body type that white girls could not possbile develop.

This means that.. that starlot must be a physically interacial.. with clearly unafrican impress the tastes the black man..

the first thinga black person would say.. when they notice in a beyonce type is:

" she is not white.. becuase she is much darker... but she doesnt look anything close the a black etiher ... hardly african..."

the first thing a white person would notice is:

" she is not black because she is much lighter... but .. then what is she.. let me look some more... "

both white and black.. people.. eeven before they can admire... sucha starlot.. are

the initial reaction is overcoming the mystery of the image of such a person... since.. in USA>..

it is hard to come across.... a person.. of the " racial type" of the " african american " starlet...

It seems today.. that among both sexes... it seems that this type of interracial .." african american" is what keeps the " sex appeal" crazed american audience...

All the popular reality shows try to feature as many interacial types as possible.. byt always.. describe.. them " striclty" as African American... and forget to mention...the unafrican portion of the person...

It seems that middle color and middle ground between.. balck and white.. has higher demand than either....

The previosuly ruled and ruling colors... of USA seems to have lost out.. in atleast american pop vanity to ... the middle ground.. to the middle color...!

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