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Saturday, March 1, 2008

LasVegas Showgirl....

"Religion" .. what does it mean...?

The word religion requires massive clarification.

It was used carelessly by the metropolitan america for the last 30 years.

Now, it has become even more sloppy as the news stations hound on the word for its relevance to the crisis in the " middle east".

So in this article I would like to clarify the word "religion" for all my readers.

The word "religion" was crafted for the english language to compare the newly developed European "Christian" program by elite Catholic scholars during the early decades of formation of English Race and Language. Prior to that some equivalent word was used by Catholic Scholars of Rome to compare the present Catholic society to other "eastern" societies.

When an intellectual platform was established for discussion of Christian vs other foreign programs , the word " religion" became signigicant .

The other programs are those that define the core values and codes of other countries/societies.

Religion would manifest in the condition of the society.

So the purpose and result of studying religion was to compare the other society to the European Catholic one which was defined with Christian character.

The result of religion... was manifested in the society... the nature of society and the individual... and way the condition developed..
( Sistene Chapel... Rome... the pinnacle of Catholic churches in European history... )

The Catholic Christian concept of religion featured the following :

1) the moral ideal of the perfect man ...the "Godly" Jesus.
2) An understanding of the supernatural ....."God"
3) the model of moral ideals represented by Jesus
4) A class of scholars to maintain the knowledge of Jesus ... the Catholic "Church"
5) A program of "society" crafted by these scholars.
6) A political system to rule and order the society.... the Catholic Order via the local monarch/King.

The mathematical defacto meaning of the word religion is " codes of the society"
For the European Catholic Christian society of 1000 AD.... as I described above... that concept of religion affected all elements of the society.

The Catholic Order ... a Central Political Unit...ruled over the multiethnic set of European coutries including.... Italy, France, Germany, Spain, and Finally England....

The Catholic Order was the only structure that allowed the implementation of a singular " religion" program in the multi ethnic European geography in the entire christian history.

( A painting of the founding Disciples of Jesus.... the model of the christian scholar... the first Bishop / first Pope of Catholic church)

The other versions of Christian orders such as Protestant , Greek Orthodox , did not have the political and military capacity to hold many countries under its rule.

Here I establish that the original christian society .is... the society under the Rule of " Roman Catholic Church "... This sets the first standard of what the word " religion" means from the European Christian background/ perspective...

From the time Europe was firmly established as Christian by Roman Catholic Church... in about 1000 AD... the word religion has had roughly the same meaning that i defined above.... in 6 different levels until the development of the "secular" society established in Europe in the 1800s.

The secular modelled soceityof the 1800s removed some of the points that were formerly part of what religion meant. The political equipment of the Chuch as an instiution was removed. The christian character was no longer ruled by the church but by a domestic agent such as the family or the father of the family or the community leader.

The secular model implemented in America had the effect of producing a society that was increasingly different from the orginal model in 1000 Ad and the first secular model of 1800s..

By the time of the korean and vietnam wars of the 1960s.... the American concept of the religion had lost any kind of firm definition. Christian become more definate in describing the culture and ethinicity of the man, family, society and country... than the distinct points of the original christian society I described above in the age of domincance of Catholic Church.

In the 1960s and future America... the Religion of America.. .was surely answered with the word Christian... but the word Christian was some ..... combination of... ethincity ,culture ,birthrights and and amount of interest in Jesus. The presence of each component could be custom from person and person.

Today the 2000s...the word religion in america .. ignited the words .."faith" , and " belief"...

Faith/Belief... meaning faith and believe in the Godly Jesus as the ideal of morals

But as you can see... the other core points of what relgion meant in the Original Catholic Christian European Soceity of just few centuries ago is drastically different.

Not just different...but the word relgion is reduced to such a severe level .. that it is a sensible suggestion to rename the condition of what it means to be christian in todays America .... to another word.. other than "christian" since... since the society is no longer comparable to the Original one which has established the name and identity label of " Christian".

So what does the word relgion/ religious and christian mean coming from an american...
It can only mean that they are of some American tradition.... and not of any other such as
Muslim, Chinese, or Indian....

Nothing more can instantly inferred from the label of "christian or religios"... if that is only statement to describe someone...

This does not mean the Christians of America are empty of the true original christian qualites.. but it means the society of christians in America are no longer clear and defined.. about what it means to be CHristian....

This suggests that when distinct religion qualities are being realized.... it is not done by the entire society .. but by random communities and individuals who are motivated by the concept of Jesus...... ... this not so within the larger america.

The Christian European Empire, formed in 1000s AD age... after massice social revolutions has produced the descendant soceities of :

the present day secular Europe,

America / North america
Latin America/ South America
the Caribean
Australia/ New Zealand

All of these regions come from and still maintain some christian identity..

The common points of these regions can be used to define them as greater European soceity... as they were developed from European population stock, culture , and Christian background..

The popular term in the media for this geographic entity ... " the West"....

The term European is better than the "west" as they are all of Europe...
THe countries of modern europe are not of the same condition as thy were just few centuries back...

So it is fair to classify all Descendant geogerapuc regions of Europe as "European" society.

THe original and present days European soceity are of christian background or association..

THe contrasting societies of the world that are worht the European society are:


I named them as society.... but used the name of a country for 2 and the name of a "relgion" for one.. This is because .. the result of the " relgion program" as a society model

The relgion models of India and China did not extend to include other societues.. So i named them after the finally achievement of all things within them.... country...

For Muslim... the Mulims relgion model... devleoped from one country in the 6th century and and went on to have to becoming the core feature of many other countries...

Since the same dominant characted of Mulims/ Islam is found in all muslim countries... I grouped them as one outer muslim soceity... as Muslim....

Here I have used the terms..

Muslim, China, India, European... as comparable soceity/relgion models..

I will elobarate of the presence and utility of the word relgion in those other societies later...

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