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Before the Taliban and Saddam Wars....Which country had the worst Civil rights standards and political freedom

Can the TALIBAN legitmately be called Terrorists...?

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

"Pirabaharan" Film....!
click on article title

A Singhala director has made a bold polical film....

depicting a scenario of the political revolution in the Tamil Region of Sri Lanka.

The film is titled "Pirabaharan" and is made by Thusara Peiries. The name is a reference to the leader of the political revolution and the founder of the military faction that leads the way, the Tamil Tigers.

I have not seen the film yet.. .but hope to.

In the legitimate press or western approved press... I have strongly felt that the Tamil Eelam crisis has been deliberately ignored from media coverage.

The official Indian government policy has been against the Tamil Tigers.. but the Sentiments of the Tamil Nadu Regional Govt has been in strong support of the movement..

Infact the the Tamil Nadu Govt has been the only thing close to to "state" in support of the movement.

Naturally the Sri Lanakan Govt which is that reprseenting Singhala identity is the rival in the causes of disputes that have produced the War.

Now suddenly there is open expression of favor towards a side in the war.... from many parties expressed through their repsonse in the film.

The tamil nadu personalities that were invited for viewing have cohesively smashed the message of the film as they naturally found it insulting the dignity of tamil people.

It is interesting to note what postition the director has taken on the film.

He has said he is neutral on the political front and that the film does not attack anybody.

His intentions are most interesting as he has only put himself in centre of controversies that

Thursday, March 27, 2008

P.Ramamurthi's Ariya Mayaya Dravida Mayaya

This article is a repost of an original work by

Rajesh Venkatasubramanian... a linguistics and history scholar from India...
he is also on my blog list :

He has done a meticulous work.. in translating from tamil to english..a very precious political work... regarding a prominent issue that ultimately became the foudning core for the current political base of Tamil Nadu and the DMK....

"This is my translation from Tamil of a chapter titled "Ti.Mu.Ka. Valarntha Pinnani" of P.Ramamurthi's Ariya Mayaya Dravida Mayaya. Initially this was published as series of essays in Theekathir and then later compiled into a book form. The English work of P.Ramamurthi titled Freedom Struggle and Dravidian Movement is an abridged one which does not have the details of Tamil essays. "

~ Rajesh

It was during this time that DMK raised powerfully the slogan of “waning south”. As mentioned above this slogan helped not only the aspirations of the raising capitalists in Tamilnadu. The DMK movement was useful to Tamilnadu government as well in the form of demanding the necessary resources and establishment of large scale public sector industries in Tamilnadu and irrigation projects in the form of constructing dams like Bhavani Sagar, Papanasam and Amaravati as laid out through the second five year plan. This movement was useful in pressing the central government to establish public sector units like Ennore Thermal Power station, exploiting the coal resources at Neyveli and through them establishing Neyveli Thermal power plant, establishing oil refinery unit in Chennai and through them establishing Naftha chemical fodder industry, establishing Nuclear power plant at Kalpakkam.

In this context it is not surprising that industrial capitalists in Tamilnadu who earlier during the freedom struggle supported Congress came to support DMK.

At the beginning the large scale support to DMK was extended by the owner of the Simphson group of companies Anantharama Krishna Iyer. The relationship between his family and DMK continued even after his death with Karunanidhi.

Even though the Communist party was a first opposition party to Congress in 1952 legislative assembly elections, it focussed on mobilizing the workers despite the fact that Tamilnadu was predominantly an agararian economy. Due to this reason, it did not gain wide support in rural areas except in lower Tanjore and Chidambaram Taluks.

On the other hand DMK could successfully campaign in the form of launching weekly, monthly and daily newspapers with the support of Capitalists.

Caught in illusion students in colleges and schools, a platform for DMK, campaigned for the party in each village.

The party tapped the economic problems faced by the rural masses in successfully campainging for their cause. But it neither moblized the rural masses who found various hardships due to excessive taxation, the rise in prices of commodities, debt, exploitation of land owners nor launched any movement. Since Communist party did not initiate or organize the movement of agricultural workers, their presence was confined to few pockets in the state. The space was occupied by the DMK leaders and students passed out from schools and colleges successfully campaigned against Congress rule.

Thirdly, even though the Communist leaders and cadres launched struggles for the cause of workers, they did not mobilize people through creating an awareness among them the land related issues and policies adopted by Congress, taxes, financial policies, joining of hands with foreign capitalists in establishing industries, receiving loans from American dominated World Bank and IMF and its consequences. On this basis the Communists failed to counter DMK’s campaign. All these are important cause for the growth of DMK.

In this situation, even after independence the problem of unemployement, the rise in the price of essential commodities, poverty with a lack of alternative politics and policies, DMK’s campaign among people created an attraction. To carry out such a campaign there existed a number of newspapers. To campaign in villages there were even enough youngsters. To run number of newspapers, the support from Capitalists in Tamilnadu was there.

Moreover, the fact that Communist party stood as main opposition in 1952 legislative assembly elections created a fear among Capitalists and land owners in Tamilnadu of their further growth. It is natural that in order to secure their wealth they were in look out for an alternative party. They also realized that DMK is the party they can rely on. Due to this, except the traditional capitalists like the TVS family who continued to support Congress, number of other industrialists and land owners while extending support to Congress also started extending considerable support to DMK.

All these are important cause for Communist party not expanding in Tamilnadu and the growth of DMK.

After gaining considerable ground, DMK decided to contest the elections in 1957. In order to nail in ground the DMK’s decision and to support in its election activities, the leading national – Hindu, Indian Express - and regional – Dinamani – newspapers and weeklies widely advertised the DMK conference held in Chennai in December 1956 or January 1957. Right from the beginning the importance and advertisements given by Indian national weekly and S.S. Vasan’s ‘Anatha Vikatan’ are beyond expectation. In eight pages it covered the party conference held at Chennai with pictures. Here comes a responsible opposition party, an opposition party that is DMK which will protect our property and wealth – an idea that has gripped the minds of capitalists in Tamilnadu and what else is a proof? The DMK leaders who campaigned during that election was given wide advertisement in the Tamil press!

As a consequence DMK which for the first time contested legislative assembly elections could able to win 15 constituencies.

After 1952 the leaders of DMK almost abandoned anti-Brahmin propaganda. But time and again the party invoked the anti-Brahmin rhetoric when it was felt a necessary strategy.

One example, in 1953 I was serving as the leader of opposition party in Tamilnadu legislative assembly. I had to visit Kashmir. There was no personal work. My visit was related to one of the important national issue. The Chief Minister of Kashmir was raising the slogan of “independent Kashmir”. I had to negotiate with him about that issue. The news of my negotiation at Kashmir was widely known and reported in important daily newspapers. Even in Tamilnadu, Hindu, Indian Express and Dinamani reported the issue.

In those days there was no passenger flights to Kashmir except the military operated carriers. From Delhi to Pathankot the journey was usually in train and from there to Srinagar journey was in bus. The bus will go usually till Panihal on the first day. After staying for a night when bus reaches Srinagar the next day it will be around seven in the evening. Hence from Delhi the journey is usually three days.

When I held negotiations with Sheik Sahib on the first day, I received a letter from C. Subramaniam (serving then as Finance Minister of Tamilnadu, Assembly leader on behalf of government) stating that the legislative assembly will be convened next Monday. The negotiation with Sheik Abdullah had to go for 4,5 days. Due to this I was not able to reach Chennai and attend the assembly proceedings.

In that assembly session, on behalf of me deputy president of the Communist Party in assembly Comrade Kalyana Sundaram spoke against the intended introduction of Rajaji’s new educational policy. The debate went only for a day. On voting basis in assembly it was lost by a vote. Apart from comrade Kalyana Sundaram, comrades Jeevanandam, K.T. Raju spoke and participated in the debate. All members from our party voted.

The fact that I could not attend the session and vote in assembly and that the policy was through by a vote was an oppurtunity siezed by DMK who vigorously carried out false campaign. Karunanidhi and other DMK leaders toured all over Tamilnadu making propaganda against me. The following was their gist of propaganda: Rajaji, the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu was a Brahmin; To safeguard this brahmanical rule another brahmin P. Ramamurthi abstained from voting by not attending the assembly.

After Rajaji resigned, by the end of 1953 when Kamaraj became Chief Minister this propaganda almost came to halt. It was E.V.R. Periyar who campaigned by characterizing Kamaraj as “true Tamilian” and his rule as “true Tamilian rule”. Moreover the DMK leaders felt the need for support from the raising Brahmin capitalists of various sectors.

Moreover right from 1956 when the draft of the second five year plan was made and right from the day it was implemented, the differences of opinion within Communist party cropped up. The contradictory opinion within Communist party existed from the top to the lower levels. Led by S.A. Dange one group within the party citing the establishment of large scale public sector industries by Congress party pointed to the need to cooperate the Congress government whose policies were leading the nation in the path of socialism. On the other side me and Harkishan Singh Surjeet severely opposed the idea of Dange and his group. For the establishment of public sector industries in those days there was a need for a capital investment of Rs. 200 to 300 crores. No Indian capitalists possessed the force to mobilize this capital amount. These industries were on the other hand significant for India’s industrial development. To establish these industries and to import the necessary technology the government made negotiations with foreign countries for five years in vain. Only Soviet Union and Czkeslovakia came forward. These public sector industries will any way encourage the private players in a long run. The Indian government is still creating infrastructure and encouraging the capitalists in private sector to ally with multi national business magnates. Indian government is not even imposing a restriction leave alone imposing a ban on the multi national firms to invest in pharmacutical and other industrial sectors. Rather it encourages them.

From all this we opposed that Indian government is taking a path of developing the Capitalism in India. Due to the attitude of Dange section, the political campaign of the Communist party detoriated.

As if to their favour, the conference convened by Congress at Avadi near Chennai in 1954 passed a resolution of establishing Socialist pattern of society as its aim. Jawaharlal Nehru campaigned the resolution passed by Congress widely both outside and inside parliament. The press gave a wide advertisement of the campaign. The Indian capitalists knew very well that they are the one who is going to benefit for all the investment that go into the public sector industries. They knew that people will fall prey to the illusion of Congress’s “socialist” posture and that they are one who is going to benefit out of it.

The situation also helped DMK to let loose a vigorous campaign against Congress.

After 1957 elections, there was a debate within Communist party on the question of Dravidian movement. Although DMK placed the demand for “Dravida Nadu” and campaigned for it, it in fact voiced the concerns of capitalists in Tamilnadu. It is natural that in the course of Capitalist development the competition among capitalists is inevitable not only within a particular country but also outside countries. It is also natural and inevitable that in a country like India, a contradiction between the well established monopoly capitalists and the emerging regional bourgeoisie will emerge.

In the growth of democratic process, it is necessary to take these contradictions into account and use it to oppose Congress rule. If it is not used in right direction the regional populace will fall prey to ethnic chauvinism. Did not the maturity of contradiction of Capitalism lead to second world war?

The Communist party in Tamilnadu did not follow this approach. Taking recourse to this approach is not an oppurtunism. It is a necessary strategy and principle to develop Communist movement and moblize and organize people based on their experience towards the path of Socialism. It is a practical way of Marxist-Leninist political philosophy.

Stalin very cleaverly used the situation even before and when the contradiction in global capitalism matured into second world war. How effective was the strategy turned out to be for Chinese revolution when the Communist Party in China tapped the contradiction between Capitalists in China who were dominated by the imperialist forces and Siange sheik! The strategy made the revolution effective!

Similarly ever since freedom struggle took armed revolutionary turn in Vietnam how effective was the strategy tapped by Uncle Ho in finding contradiction between French and English imperialism on the one side and national bourgeoisie on the other. Not only this but also a cleaver manner in which he tapped the contradiction amongst imperial forces is important.

It is not possible to win a revolution by simply believing in these contradictions. Going ahead with such a belief will only end up in the rule of Capitalists. Rather the reasons for a victory in revolution are their political feelings, mass support, revolutionary practice and struggles. But the contradiction is tapped to make the revolution possible and acute. The inability to use them result in a disaster for Communist movement and provide strength for bourgeois parties. The Communist movement in Tamilnadu should not lose this oppurtunity.

But precisely this mistake was committed by the Communist movement in Tamilnadu till the election of 1957. After 1957 election a contradiction on this issue cropped up within the Communist party in Tamilnadu after prolonged debate and was taken up to the level of Polit bureau. The polit bureau rectified this mistake and helped in reconciling the differences in the party in Tamilnadu.

It was decided later that the party has to align with the DMK and fight for the cause of people. When it was implemented there was a protest staged together by DMK and the Communist party against raise in the prices of essential commodities. As a consequence I was nominated for Rajya Sabha post with a support from DMK representing Communist party which then had only 4 legislative assembly seat.

Slave Labor ... in the US...?

An interesting article from BBC news... south asia..

"Indian men in US 'slave' protest

The Indian workers claim they have been kept in poor conditions
Almost 100 Indians who moved to the US for jobs have marched hundreds of miles to Washington DC in protest at being forced to work "like slaves".
The Indian ambassador


For this season... 2007-2008....

with 10 games left... it is again time to name the leagues " MVP"...

Defined as the MVP...of the regular season... it decorates the very players of the era... this era being this decade....

The Best player of this decade has been overlookek every year by conventional excuses..." the team is no1, doesnt make the other players better than him." etc.

Here are my rankings for the MVP... in order who of who deserves it most...:

I consider : skills, impact, stats, wins, clutch,, and game winning shots..

The best player for many years... He scored 36 points/ game.. didnt get it for not winning enough games.. Now he is near the top in wins.. and i still the best player in the game: best shooter, best game winning player

2. Baron
His team makes the most number of difficult shots.. no insidre game they play 5 shooters/ skilll players.. with a small forward playing center... Davis runs the whole team.. they are the new phoenix suns. His team is ranked 8th in the west .. but they are above Lebron

3. Ginobilli:

Best player for the spurs last 4 years... won the 2005 championship.. with great game winning shots... Scores the big points at the end... He is the Superstar that chose to just be a basketball player...
He does all the work.. the touch shots.. and clutch play.. Duncan as usual gets all the credit.

4. Paul:
New orleans in number 1, at will be near the top... first playoffs for NO... 20 and 10 assists... He can do it all... No weakness...He is Kidd and Nash in one.. He looks like he is 10 years old...

5. Lebron James:
The east is weak... his team is no 13 in wins... lower than the guys above him. He scores 30points... no1 in the league...The other guys are better shooters than him.. He is great... MVP of the EAST... but the west is just oo good in competetion.. and star guard play...

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Mumbai Pictures : Progressive" Masala..?

The "Progressive " Invasion of social cultural identity that swarmed into India in the late 90s and 2000s did not spare the forum of cinema from its grip.

The previously fiercly guarded film format made many concessions to the progressive wave of culture to such a great extent that it is legitimate claim that films today are completely different from those just 15 years ago.

The first major change that came is the obvious.... SLEEZE material that began with the western clothing of late 90s fashion that exposed more of the body , espcicially the bust and the legs, and then to girls making physcial gestures of lewd suggestions and obvious promiscuis nature.

These points were predictable since the indian audience of the 70, 80s and early as much as they wanted of sleeze from western cinema through video rentals...Now there was an opening to put these elements in hindi movies via the domestic supplier.. the bollywood film producers.

As the Progressive or " times have changed" motto entered the mumbai film industry and audience.. this was the first and most predictable allowance from western cinema...

In Early 2ks... the sleeze quota for bollywood was represented through the " Item Number" component of any standard film. Girls who could not achieve as a leading girl... through the persona of the virgin could abandon ship and enter the item girl market. The new level of sleeze required by producers for the item number was justified with the title of "modern"... THe modern item girl would immediately be recognized by the title, image and qualities of the Item number upon being recognized in a film.

Maybe the most well know example is the "khallas girl" from company. She could not achieve as leading lady .... At age 25.. she made the sudden decision to become an item girl. She must have considered , that there probably would be no going back to leading roles after such exposure.

Company proved to be one of the landmark movies of the year, 2002, and decade to this point.
Though the rest of the film was stictly sleeze free... the khallas girl item number must be attached to it to judge the whole work in its entirity.

The khallas number had no other function in the film... but to entertain those in the audience who had a default demand for sleeze.. The prominent khallas number had no relevance to the nature or story of the film.. Boney Kapoor , the producer of the film, saw the box office rewards from its prospect and put it in the film.. Here it is an evidence that even as early as 2002, the sleeze item number had become a standard in the new format of films. Ram Gopal Varmas trend setting nature in films had the effect of popularizing the plot independent modern item number as it appeared in greater frequency in the films of the years ahead.

Beyond the sleeze item number , which is never the core of the film but a sideshow, the more important changes occured the main characters of the film.

Friday, March 21, 2008

LIFE, THE Aninda Rahman

This article is repost of Aninda's note on facebook....


(to richie, thambi & me who find religion interesting)

Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do -Luke 23:34
Truly, I say to you, today you will be with me in paradise -Luke 23:43

is it funny
that all of your life
you’ve waited for a sudden

on roopnarayana
if someone asks
who the hell

are you;
do you,
make it clear
you are in fact
in process
a what-the-hell

what a what you all are
that waited all the way
for a sudden death
a sudden fall
that a hanging note slips
from the staff
(a graph of pitch
with respect to time)
or from the figures
of the eternal pianist
what a what !

yet with each morning
that comes with a news of death
you start afresh
with a squeeze of toothpaste

you care for what
you are;

and with breads
all perforated
and both side toasted
like your sample souls
you start afresh
and with a denial

a better saturday comes
after a good friday
when you have a life to live

yes you do;
that’s a brave one
awkwardly brave
as you know
what you are doing.

as you know
what you are doing
is what you are.

Future Articles I will write...

1) Darren Starr.... the mind behind the landmark Tv shows of the last two decades...

90201, Melrose Place, and ofcourse Sex and the City

2 ) Full House... the TV show from 80s , 90s... what happened to wholesome America...

3. A Review of the Movie / book ...The Namesake..

American Television

4. The Decline of Westerns or Cowboy movies in the 1980s and 1990s... and rise the of the Epic..or History movies in the 90s and 2000s...

5. The " Ball Game in New York "

6. The Death of Decency in America... what happened to frank sinatra...

7. Bill O Reily .... and the need for the " angry white man" to be seen in the clear..

8. Rajani and the rise of the Black Heroes...

9. Simran ... the banner girl for the Hindi Bombay Vamp in Tamil Movies..

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sports Talking ....

A big part of the cultural phenemena of sports... is the relationship between the vieweres and the game. The media serves as an occasional buffer between the viewers and the game as they have more access to the game ... since they directly view it and some people dont know they game well enough to take it all in by themselves..

The media is in the form of the color sports commentators..

Here I will describe those commentators that have encouraged my interest and understanding of American sports... esp... NBA and to a lesser extent NFL , tennis

1. Bob Costas .... the best of best... he covered MJ and Bulls in later 90s..
His coverage is some of the best english I think i have ever heard from a an american

2. John Madden... NFL... We all know the name from his brand of video games.. .the highest paid broadcasted for NFL... His natural impulse comments and attention to other wise un noticeable things keep me coming back... He is the only reliable entertainment for Monday Night Football..

3.. Tony Kornheiser... A DC local...Has his daily PTI tv show... , the Washington Post.. and now Monday night football...

4. Steve Young...
NFL... The most charming white man in America... His natural personality is the like that of leading man hero character of 1960s film of a more chaste America... You forget how lewed and nasty the defining qualities of America have become becuase of how serene his persona is ..

5. Hubie Brown

6. Skip Bayless

Bill Walton

7. Stephen A Smith

8. Peter Vescey

9. Mark Jackson..

10. Kenny Smith


Welcome to my TWINS section....
Here i will post pictures of famous people.. generally from different racial types... that have striking resemblance in facial features...

Let me know what u think about them....:


I always find it interesting when I see people from different " race" .. or countries that have a striking resemblance... It gives me a sudden epiphany about geography, the idea of race, and varieties of the world... ..
Here I am showing some pictures of two of my favorite people...that I see regularly on TV
Manu Ginobilli... An Italian from Argentina... playing in the NBA....
and Vivek Oberoi.... A Punjabi Indian Film Actor.. Ginobilli Ginobilli

The more I look at them.. the more they look alike to me...:
Vivek Oberoi


This is Viveks father.... Suresh Oberoi.. ..He looks even more like Ginobilli than his Vivek...

I always find it interesting when I see people from different " race" .. or countries that have a striking resemblance... It gives me a sudden epiphany on the whole concept of race and geographic and entire creation of human being...

Here I am showing some pictures of two of my favorite people...that I see regularly on TV

Manu Ginobilli... An Italian from Argentina... playing in the NBA....

and Vivek Oberoi.... A Punjabi Indian Film Actor..
Ginobilli Ginobilli

The more I look at them.. the more they look alike to me...:

Vivek Oberoi



Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Gaura Kaala......Black or White...?

The concept of " Race" is an article that has had tremendous significance over the last 100 years in the progressive social culture of America, the West and all its extentions in the International forum

In America it is the single biggest divisor in the defacto class system. All legitimate Americans have to be classified as White or Black .

If you dont associate either of these labels to yourself , you are an asterisk or foreign or ethinic looking person..

White and Black... although words that indicate color.... are cultural ( or man made ) classifications of biological features of stocks of peoples.

So white and black , despite how normalized they have become in the American hegemony of culture ....... are still cultural perspectives about " Race"..

This means that I dont accept Black and White as scientific or True categories for people to belong but a simplification to assign people to cultural groups...

The ancestors of American White people... are Europe..
and that of Black Americans is Africa.....

In Europe and Africa... the various countries.. do not identify themselves immediately by color but by other cultural features... such as .. Language and Tribal Lineage and other abstract cultural features...

So a German would identify himself first as German... and to lesser extent as White..
Likewise in Africa.. .an Gambian would identify himself as Gambian before Black...
There would be significant culture gap between two African races such as between Gambian and and a Kenyan.... and likewise between a German and an Italian...
Since there are major culture gaps between races of the same " color"... the " color" itself such as White or Black is not enough to be a binding force ...

There is more cultural animosity in Europe between Eurpean countries than between any such European country and any isloated African country..

In American the only cultural label for americans.... is White and Black... since all other cultural features of America are subject to " progressive" character of American establishment.. which means that they will likely change every 10 years... or sooner.... to an ireconciliable point.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Islam-iya Aaj Tak...! --- Discussions of Islam in the International Forum ....

Since the 9/11 and the subsequent military devastations of Afghanistan and Iraq... the Muslim scholars have had more importance and significance as they are responsible for the provision of intellectual discussion about Islam .. in all arenas :

theology, history , current society, and political revelance.... to both the Muslim community , and the International community .

In my observations of the world ... I have found some scholars much more competent in representing the elements of Islam than others...

Here I will discuss those who have appealed to me most

1) Dr. Zakir Naik - Indian Muslim Scholar :

Zakir is by far the person who has informed me the most about the finite definate points of islam that I did not know before hand.
His background as medical doctor and his highly structured and scientific method of representing Islam was very appealing. He has been doing " dawah" for more than 10 years all over the world while holding discussion forums aimed at informing people just like me... curious , speculative non muslims.

Like most Muslim scholars he has studied the Christian and Jewish religion texts and history meticulously.. but unlike most most muslim scholars, he has thoroughly studied Hindu Indian tradition in both history and religion texts..

The Hindu relgion texts, the longest amount of texts of any established religion, are the source of the most amount of debate within any religion. None of the the alleged Hindu scholars of the recent age have clearly transalted the meanings and significance of these texts to the objective scholastic academy of religion in either india or abroad..
Meaning, that those academians who challenge the background or credibility of the Hindu texts were not given concrete or even remotely viable answers about its content. All that was offered by the Hindu voice was an answer in the form an abstract poem..... whihc although rich in virue did not answer the questions that initiated the reply..>?

With this said, Zakir Naik.. who is first qualied in the Islam Qoran.... memorizing every line and attempting to know the signicance of each line... has gone to extreme extent of doing so with the Hindu scriptures and challenging those who represent it.. the Hindu Priest.. to represent and explain its core meaning...

Zakir Naik is the only public figure.. who I have found even remotely competent in honestly and directly explain the convoluted meanings of the Hindu scriptures.

I feel inclined to give him more acclaim for his understanding of Hindu scriptures... then his over the Islamic Qoran... since the Hindu Scriptures have less public attention to translation for the masses.

2) Israr Ahmed - Indian Muslim Scholar

3) Muaammar Gaddafi - president of Libya

4) Ahmed Deedat- Indian Muslim scholar from Africa

5) Brother Imran- Indian - founder of IREC

First Dalit CEO in Indian IT business

I found this on you tube and was surprised to read.. that

" Thirty-one-year old Atul Paswan has successfully changed what many may have said was his destiny. A Dalit from Siwan district in Bihar three years ago, the village schoolteacher's son set up a software company in Bangalore "

I was surprised because... I thought that in this age of education... and university opportunities .. and caste quotas... that an ambitious Dalit would have reached this point atleast at some time in 1990s.

Since the government of Indian doesnt publish or reveal any statistics about "caste" demograpgics in different sectors of the economy... speculative people like myself dont know the presence of each caste in any sector..

I have to assume that Brahmin and "Upper Caste" have the higher presence in all power positions ....especially those positions of definative bougeoise foundation..

Is there even a single "low caste" persona of note who is part of the indian IT boom...?

I collect data like this.. and even I dont know...?

So this you tube video... was quite alarming and informative for me.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

என்றேட்ரும் சிர்ரிப்பு

When I first started watching tamil movies in the 1980s.... the film format had a balanced format.....

the main adeventure story of the hero..........with portions of comedy romance landscape and then finally return to the adventure...

This format was the generic in indian maintstream cinema.. in hindi , telugu and tamil... but more rigidly maintained in tamil...

Superstar Rajani...adhered to this standard....

As the Rajani and Kamalan dominance passed... in the late 90s... a slighlyt new formated developed.. that focused away from adventure....

Here some of the landmark comedians from the last 15 years.... had disappeared from as the format was dropped... Such landmark comedies... were the heroes of my cinema...

they were the heoes for me...

the two big names : Goundermanu and Senthil.....

The late 90s format had less dominant quality of comedy..

IN the 2000s a new format developed... with emergeance of comedy again....

this time the newer generations comedians emerged:

Vivek and Vadivel...

To me these two towers... have gone on to become the two biggest stars in this decade...

as the big stars.... of the previous ers... Rajni and Kamal... had reduced the amount of films reduced....

the void in the market... atleast in the number of releases and the attention of the viewers was met with new young " heroes"....

Vijay and Ajith....
Both of them proved to be box office succeses.. but were not comparable in the magnificent charisma of Kamalan and Rajani....

To me.. void in this charisma has been met by Vivek and Vadivel... only....

The other heroes that have come up... such as Surya and Vikram are credible.. but the number of releases is short of vikram... and vikram is few steps away... what deters surya most is his poor selection of films whihc seem to be motivated by the need to compete with vijay and ajith and the younger heroes in the line "westernized metropolitan themed films."....

Despite box office succeses.. the low quliaty in nature of these films.. have hurt his credbility as top star in cinema...

The lasting superstars of the decade have been Vadivel and Vivek....:

என்றென்றும் பகுதி

NFL... NBA.... Who are the "stars"...

Since it is free agent time...

Here is my ranking of the best players in the NFL...

the very best players are on offense... since they score the points.. that win the game... and there just 5 offense players on the team.. and even less than that have an impact:

the best attack in football... is long deep ball passes... whihc require a QB and i put them as a set...the more imporatant of the two.. will appeear first...

1) Tom Brady / Randy Moss
2) T. O. / Romo
3) Eli Manning / Plaxico
4) L.T.
5) Brian Westbrook
6) Peterson / Min
7) Devin Hestor

8 ) Brett Favre
9) Drew Brees
10) Mcnabb
11) Marion Barber

Since I ventured to carefully rank the top NFl players....

I might as well do that for the NBA... even though my interest in the NBA is declining... as I have spent too much time with it in recent years... or the final years of my youth...

I will judge the value of the top players.. without considering...what anyone else says... the media... the journalists... the majority views... NBA awards..

I will judge the players by my standard of good NBA basketball....set by the likes of the only person represented by the no 23.... .

the top players in the game at the moment( this year and last yr's playoffs)...

1. Kobe Bryant

2. Baron Davis
3. Steve Nash
4 Ginobili
5. Allen Iverson
6. Tracy Mcgrady

7. Chris Paul
8. Lebron James
9. Chauncey Billups
10. Deron Williams

That is the top class of players in the NBA.. with a clear no1...
All the other players are big step beneath all these players...
since I weight ....
the most important thing for a star player in the NBA..

An "iso package".. meaning an islation.. one on one set of moves... which means
a great jump shot and a great dribble drive manuevere....
I great player must have command of both... to be top in the NBA... since not having one.. will allow the defense to take away the other move..

So this set of skills... that I focus on.. favor guards...
Here are the best players... after my elite set... who are lacking.. intheir iso package.. but have other skills... to use as well:

I will divide the next set of players .. into two groups... Skill/Guards and Big Players...

they are listed in order:

Guards: Bigs:

Lamar Odom
Tim Duncan
Carlos Boozer
Amare Stoudemire
Shawn Marion

Rasheed Wallace
Kevin Garnett
Dwight Howard
Pao Gasol
Mehmut Okur


The next topic I will address is to clarify who is a star...

The allstar game and selections is the standard of who is star...
If youre not an allstar , you can be called a star...

THat is the standard of the NBA...
And if youre an allstarr.. for the curent season..
No one can challenge that you are a star.

But there is more to it than that.
The Elite players in the game make their status.. by making routine regular allstar games for several consecutive season.......let me set 5 all star games the standard for a 'super star"

these players are about 15.... beyond these players.. the remainder of the team is made up by occasional allstars... meaning they make it once or twice in their career.. .only...

These occasional players get the acknowledgement of being a " star" for atleast one season...

But there are other players in the league that are better than these occasional all stars.. who have neve rmade a single all stars game becuase they dont have the stats... to make the allstars... which is about 20 points...
These players have the skill and the impact.. but score less points because they play behind a star player...

Here I will name the best players .. in this decade.. to never make a single all star game... to this point:

1. Lamar Odom
2. Jamal Crawford
3. Jason Terry
4. Damon Stoudamire

5. Robert Horry
6. Derek Fisher
7. Ben Gordon
8. Bobby Jackson
9. Kirk Heinrech
10.. Mike Bibby
11. Jason Williams
12 Richard Jefferson
13. Jalen Rose
14. Stephen Jackson
15. Jason Richardson

The next list:

I have closely followed the careers of many players who were stars or legitimate players at some point in there career with great prospects for higher stardom in the NBA.. but circumstances went against them... and their position in the NBA fell..

These are players that were/ are stars but had the ability... from my view.... of superstars... or the elite level of NBA performance. These players at best made 3 all stars in their peak.. but had convinced me they could have been MVP caliber with just a few more steps of gains..

( 1990s and 2ks)

1. Kevin Johnson
2. Damon Stoudamire
3. Nick Van Excel
4. Stephon Marbury
5. Peja Stojakovic

6. Hedo Turkolu
7. John Starks
8. Jerry Stackhouse
9. Antoine Walker
10. Toni Kukoc
11 Jamal Mashburn
12. Sam Cassell

! The Best players to never win the MVP of leaugue:

The MVP of the NBA is most meaningfull MVP in any of the 4 big sports in USA..
Why...? Because the NBA is the only league.. where the superstar is the SUPERSTAR...
in baseball.. the superstar is only a star... when he hits a homerun... whihc is at best 1 out 3 games on average
.....So on most nights the Baseball Superstar is just a name and a threat in the lineup

In Football... the effective Superstars is the most recent Superbowl deep ball Quarterback...
If a running back wins the MVP.. he will by overwhelming superceeded by the SUperbowl and the superbowl quarter back. This is the convention of the NFl.. It is in extreme rarity that anyone other than the superboql QB can be called a superstar.... ie LT.

THe League MVP is a momentary acknowledgement.. It doesnt decorate anyone with the glory of the NBA MVP

Ice Hockey comes close to the NBA in its signigicance of MVP.... since the 2 big stars in the history of the game dominated it the 80s and 90s... Mario Lemiuex and Wayne Gretzky...
But the MVP and more so.. the entire NHL has lost lot of its impact in this decade... becuase of the decline of stars.. and increased role of defense.. low scoring games...

This leaves the NBA MVP...
The NBA is game of stars.. the ultimate " STAR WARS" in sports....
Since the real suspense in the NBA is which NBA approved and recognized ( Super) Star can win in the playoffs while playing the top of the line .. maximum entertainment basketball with dramatic game winning shots and sudden 4rth quarter cinema syle heroics...

The NBA MVP makes official.. the NBA confirmation of the SUPERSTARDOM..... which the fans will inevitably accept...
In the last 3 decades only the elite of the elite have won..

Prior to Larry Bird , MAgic Johnson, and no 23.. dramatic entry and subsequeny rescue of the NBA from the black and white TV / screen and roll... / white high school style game .... the MVP lost its value becuase it went to roll players that i wont even mention...

The superstar became symbolic and unqique to the NBA.. when MAgic, Larry, and no 23... made themselves the best in USA... In 1983... a role player won the MVP... He was the last to do.. so and is virtualy forgotton to the modern basketball historian and is definately not comparable to the caliber of players who win the MVP today..

After 1983, only SUPERSTARS have won it. For the next 9 years... after 1983... only 3 players won it... no 23, Larry Bird and Magic. It was only the dominion of the MVP and NBA by these defining stars the revitalized the meaning of the NBA MVP.

Here I will mention the best players ... from 80s , 90s, 2ks... to never win the MVP...
Only retired players... and current players that i think wont win it.... will be considered.

1. Isiah Thomas
2. Dominique Wilkens
3. Scottie Pippen
4. Jason Kidd
5. Tracy Mcgrady

6. John Stockton
7. Reggie Miller
8. Kevin Johnson

Un Ranked

9. Mark Price
10 Clyde Drexler
11. Chris Webber
12. Grant Hill
13. Ron Artest
12. Vince Carter
14. Stephon Marbury
15. Paul Pierce
16. Stojackovic
17. Carmelo Anthony
18. Dikembo Mutombo
19. Penny Hardaway
20. Chris Mullin
21. Baron Davis
22. Steve Francis
23. Shawn Marion
24. Chauncey Billups
25. Lamar Odom
26. Ray Allen


What do u think Serign...?

18-1...... "Football" season - 2007

Since the season has ended with the best superbowl I have seen and could have expected from the NFL....

The superbowl this year.. featured two honest teams... that acutally attempted playing the game is it intended.. and not with loophole techniques of strategy of the convention..

What all this means is.... both teams.. threw the ball.. and made an honest attempt to score on each at all times...

In usual game.. there is the technique of running the ball.. which means...

1) they are afraid of throwing because of interception
2) they dont have tailback to make big gains..
3) they are gonna stall the game byt attempting 3-5 yrd gains... and reduce the game clock

this is the most deflating element of football... when one team uses this technique... and ultimately avoids playing the game of football...

This years big game featured.. the pinnacle team of the New England Patriots... and the colorful the well storied New york Giants...

The good feature for me this year was that:

New England actually attempted scoring touchdowns throuhgout the game.. and went to break all the scoring records in the NFL.... with a passing attack...
this makes sense they have the premium... passing

Tom Brady/ Randy Moss.....

When Moss joined New England... there were big expectations... for a change.. the NFL.. which depends on selling SUSPENSE more than SPORT ....actually exceeded all expectations..

For me Brady and Moss produced their finest season.... even though americans say the failed the only meaningful goal... the superbowl...
For me... the Superbowl , the season, and the entire NFL is not worthwhile without great ....plays on the field... not just the suspense created by the NFL engineers..

Brady has already won his token trophy superbowl... to please the NFL "powers" whihc extends to the media and dominates the minds of the viewers...

Brady made his name by making a few passes that led to game winning field goals.... in low scoring...defensive/ hold the ball oriented game plans...
In this way, these few plays.. about 5 in 3 years.... resulted in superbowl wins.. and Tom Brady become the icon he is...

Crowned as the " golden boy" of the NFL... because he is " winner"

The entire time... he did more "holding the ball" than anything else...

His success in the few critical moments... was enough to earn him the highest acclaim in the sports forum..

Can someone be corronated.. for doing a basic play 5 times in 3 years...

The hold the ball low scoring technique was not the result of any shortage in tom bradys skill... but the technique chosen the by the coach... and NFL convention...

This year we .. finally saw all the ability that Brady had as he was allowed to showcase to his full extent.... the extent of 50 points in game.... with 4 touchdowns per game and ...
with a final count of 50 touchdwons... which incidently set the NFL record.
From my view.. it appeared that BRadyh could have scored 80 touchdowns.. if he made the game a personal scoring contest... like NBA players....
After scoring his 4 touchdowns in most of the those game... New ENgland had a big lead... and hence Brady did not feel motivated to score more...

If he followed NBA standard of score as much u can.. I think he would have reached 75 touchdowns easily..

Brady and Moss both showed... their greatest... attribute... on the field...
scoring dramatic deep ball touchdowns through the game for the entire season....

This continued into the playoffs... .and into the superbowl... when Brady scored his greatest and touchdown in his give New England the lead with 2 minutes in the game...

the touchdown was incidently ... was done with their best package....
Brady to Moss.. on deep ball... along the sideline....

Eventhough they lost the game... it was the greatest game for Moss and Brady... when I consider just the merit of what happened on the field...

New york Giants had played the season with the same type of attack... A deep ball passing game... featureing...

Eli Manning./ and Plaxico Buress....

THe game finished in Nba fashion.. with... great scoring against greatest scoring.. with the star who scores last getting the final WIN...

All the viewers... the most of any sport in america ... should and will likely remember this season as I did...

" 18-1"...:
the best season for a single team... New England...
and the best superbowl....( from my 3 years of NFL viewing)....
and concrete favor.. for the technique of .... scoring points.. to win the game...
meaning.. the game is played best... when the QB launches the ball WR... this idea showcases the best that footbal can be...!


Saturday, March 1, 2008

LasVegas Showgirl....

"Religion" .. what does it mean...?

The word religion requires massive clarification.

It was used carelessly by the metropolitan america for the last 30 years.

Now, it has become even more sloppy as the news stations hound on the word for its relevance to the crisis in the " middle east".

So in this article I would like to clarify the word "religion" for all my readers.

The word "religion" was crafted for the english language to compare the newly developed European "Christian" program by elite Catholic scholars during the early decades of formation of English Race and Language. Prior to that some equivalent word was used by Catholic Scholars of Rome to compare the present Catholic society to other "eastern" societies.

When an intellectual platform was established for discussion of Christian vs other foreign programs , the word " religion" became signigicant .

The other programs are those that define the core values and codes of other countries/societies.

Religion would manifest in the condition of the society.

So the purpose and result of studying religion was to compare the other society to the European Catholic one which was defined with Christian character.

The result of religion... was manifested in the society... the nature of society and the individual... and way the condition developed..
( Sistene Chapel... Rome... the pinnacle of Catholic churches in European history... )

The Catholic Christian concept of religion featured the following :

1) the moral ideal of the perfect man ...the "Godly" Jesus.
2) An understanding of the supernatural ....."God"
3) the model of moral ideals represented by Jesus
4) A class of scholars to maintain the knowledge of Jesus ... the Catholic "Church"
5) A program of "society" crafted by these scholars.
6) A political system to rule and order the society.... the Catholic Order via the local monarch/King.

The mathematical defacto meaning of the word religion is " codes of the society"
For the European Catholic Christian society of 1000 AD.... as I described above... that concept of religion affected all elements of the society.

The Catholic Order ... a Central Political Unit...ruled over the multiethnic set of European coutries including.... Italy, France, Germany, Spain, and Finally England....

The Catholic Order was the only structure that allowed the implementation of a singular " religion" program in the multi ethnic European geography in the entire christian history.

( A painting of the founding Disciples of Jesus.... the model of the christian scholar... the first Bishop / first Pope of Catholic church)

The other versions of Christian orders such as Protestant , Greek Orthodox , did not have the political and military capacity to hold many countries under its rule.

Here I establish that the original christian society .is... the society under the Rule of " Roman Catholic Church "... This sets the first standard of what the word " religion" means from the European Christian background/ perspective...

From the time Europe was firmly established as Christian by Roman Catholic Church... in about 1000 AD... the word religion has had roughly the same meaning that i defined above.... in 6 different levels until the development of the "secular" society established in Europe in the 1800s.

The secular modelled soceityof the 1800s removed some of the points that were formerly part of what religion meant. The political equipment of the Chuch as an instiution was removed. The christian character was no longer ruled by the church but by a domestic agent such as the family or the father of the family or the community leader.

The secular model implemented in America had the effect of producing a society that was increasingly different from the orginal model in 1000 Ad and the first secular model of 1800s..

By the time of the korean and vietnam wars of the 1960s.... the American concept of the religion had lost any kind of firm definition. Christian become more definate in describing the culture and ethinicity of the man, family, society and country... than the distinct points of the original christian society I described above in the age of domincance of Catholic Church.

In the 1960s and future America... the Religion of America.. .was surely answered with the word Christian... but the word Christian was some ..... combination of... ethincity ,culture ,birthrights and and amount of interest in Jesus. The presence of each component could be custom from person and person.

Today the 2000s...the word religion in america .. ignited the words .."faith" , and " belief"...

Faith/Belief... meaning faith and believe in the Godly Jesus as the ideal of morals

But as you can see... the other core points of what relgion meant in the Original Catholic Christian European Soceity of just few centuries ago is drastically different.

Not just different...but the word relgion is reduced to such a severe level .. that it is a sensible suggestion to rename the condition of what it means to be christian in todays America .... to another word.. other than "christian" since... since the society is no longer comparable to the Original one which has established the name and identity label of " Christian".

So what does the word relgion/ religious and christian mean coming from an american...
It can only mean that they are of some American tradition.... and not of any other such as
Muslim, Chinese, or Indian....

Nothing more can instantly inferred from the label of "christian or religios"... if that is only statement to describe someone...

This does not mean the Christians of America are empty of the true original christian qualites.. but it means the society of christians in America are no longer clear and defined.. about what it means to be CHristian....

This suggests that when distinct religion qualities are being realized.... it is not done by the entire society .. but by random communities and individuals who are motivated by the concept of Jesus...... ... this not so within the larger america.

The Christian European Empire, formed in 1000s AD age... after massice social revolutions has produced the descendant soceities of :

the present day secular Europe,

America / North america
Latin America/ South America
the Caribean
Australia/ New Zealand

All of these regions come from and still maintain some christian identity..

The common points of these regions can be used to define them as greater European soceity... as they were developed from European population stock, culture , and Christian background..

The popular term in the media for this geographic entity ... " the West"....

The term European is better than the "west" as they are all of Europe...
THe countries of modern europe are not of the same condition as thy were just few centuries back...

So it is fair to classify all Descendant geogerapuc regions of Europe as "European" society.

THe original and present days European soceity are of christian background or association..

THe contrasting societies of the world that are worht the European society are:


I named them as society.... but used the name of a country for 2 and the name of a "relgion" for one.. This is because .. the result of the " relgion program" as a society model

The relgion models of India and China did not extend to include other societues.. So i named them after the finally achievement of all things within them.... country...

For Muslim... the Mulims relgion model... devleoped from one country in the 6th century and and went on to have to becoming the core feature of many other countries...

Since the same dominant characted of Mulims/ Islam is found in all muslim countries... I grouped them as one outer muslim soceity... as Muslim....

Here I have used the terms..

Muslim, China, India, European... as comparable soceity/relgion models..

I will elobarate of the presence and utility of the word relgion in those other societies later...

Sight of the Hour

Sight of the Hour
The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

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