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Friday, December 19, 2008

Signs of " Globalization"

Here is my list of the indicators to the level of effect of the process of "Globalization:... in various regions of the world ...for when the question of of the level of globalization occurs..

I will approximately define Globalization as :

Globalization :
The level of integration of

a)modern and popular machinery/ technology from the Western spheres ( mostly america and to lesser Extent Europe )... a
b) a level of western( american and european)... method of thought and perspective towards the core aspects of culture via machinery/technology

into the other regions of the world that are otherwise lesser in the quantity and concentration of the above elements ( a and b ). The other regions would be .. most of europe , Africa , All arabic countries, All Muslim Countries, India, China, Korea, Japan, and those smaller countries neighboring these )

Indicators / Signss ( in cities )

1) There is an Authentic Indian Restaurant operated by Indians with Indian cooks that is also renowned and popular throughout the city.

2) There is a competeing Indian restaurant owned by Bangladeshi/Pakistani/SriLankan/Nepali people also adevertising Indian food that tastes good but tastes noticeable different

3) All Rebelious children idolize the current American Rap their role models in life

4) All those outside the rap targer audience also know...the names and albums of some rappers..

5) People with no savings and working menial jobs have Facebook Accounts

6) The state of the art cutting edge Public computer access facilities for those who cannot afford computers...are full of people chatting on MSN messenger .

7 ) Marijuana/ Hashish is as easiesr to access( purchase and use ) than bottled water or diet coke cola.

8 ) There are some poor and English Illiterate Indians and/or Chinese people working harder than any other community through difficult menial jobs.

9 ) The forward univeristy educated elite minority class go to Mcdonalds expecting the finest cuisine America can make while purposely wearing expensive clothes that most of the population can not afford all as a fashion statement..

10) Europeans come to live there becuase it is cheaper than living in Europe.. and think that the local populatiion are nice people

11) There is a higher rate of abortion ... why?
a) higher access and encouragement to use condoms increases the level of "activity" in the community resulting.. in higher preganacy results... where the majority of the cases can not accomodate the pregancy and must inevitable chose abortion.
b) greater political and cultural allowance for abortion.

12) The higher access to American pornograpgy on the internet reduces the demand for the local "sleeze" industry..

13) People from cold weathered northen Europe adults are buying guest houses there... and are living there 6 months out of the year.

14) Boys have to time share their attention to Euro football.. and American NBA Basketball coverage available on the internet.

15.) Many young girls secretly marry or run off with European/American tourist men as a means of escaping family directed traditional culture..

Southall , Wembly , and others of the sort

After I recently and reluctantly visited London, I came across some strong surprises.

My senses regarding people atleast were mostl alert when i came across the notorious "south asian" or Indian community.. ( which actually includes the now sovereign "countries" of India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and lesser known Nepal , Bhutan, and Maldives )

Even though I had heard alot about them and watched Bend It Like was still an awakening experience to confront them in person.

After I arrived in london...

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Sight of the Hour
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