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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Mumbai Pictures : Progressive" Masala..?

The "Progressive " Invasion of social cultural identity that swarmed into India in the late 90s and 2000s did not spare the forum of cinema from its grip.

The previously fiercly guarded film format made many concessions to the progressive wave of culture to such a great extent that it is legitimate claim that films today are completely different from those just 15 years ago.

The first major change that came is the obvious.... SLEEZE material that began with the western clothing of late 90s fashion that exposed more of the body , espcicially the bust and the legs, and then to girls making physcial gestures of lewd suggestions and obvious promiscuis nature.

These points were predictable since the indian audience of the 70, 80s and early as much as they wanted of sleeze from western cinema through video rentals...Now there was an opening to put these elements in hindi movies via the domestic supplier.. the bollywood film producers.

As the Progressive or " times have changed" motto entered the mumbai film industry and audience.. this was the first and most predictable allowance from western cinema...

In Early 2ks... the sleeze quota for bollywood was represented through the " Item Number" component of any standard film. Girls who could not achieve as a leading girl... through the persona of the virgin could abandon ship and enter the item girl market. The new level of sleeze required by producers for the item number was justified with the title of "modern"... THe modern item girl would immediately be recognized by the title, image and qualities of the Item number upon being recognized in a film.

Maybe the most well know example is the "khallas girl" from company. She could not achieve as leading lady .... At age 25.. she made the sudden decision to become an item girl. She must have considered , that there probably would be no going back to leading roles after such exposure.

Company proved to be one of the landmark movies of the year, 2002, and decade to this point.
Though the rest of the film was stictly sleeze free... the khallas girl item number must be attached to it to judge the whole work in its entirity.

The khallas number had no other function in the film... but to entertain those in the audience who had a default demand for sleeze.. The prominent khallas number had no relevance to the nature or story of the film.. Boney Kapoor , the producer of the film, saw the box office rewards from its prospect and put it in the film.. Here it is an evidence that even as early as 2002, the sleeze item number had become a standard in the new format of films. Ram Gopal Varmas trend setting nature in films had the effect of popularizing the plot independent modern item number as it appeared in greater frequency in the films of the years ahead.

Beyond the sleeze item number , which is never the core of the film but a sideshow, the more important changes occured the main characters of the film.

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